Hip-Hop Invades Criterion

November 5th 2017, Original Flow and The Fervent Route rock the stage at Oklahoma city's newest music venue the Criterion. Since the start of last year in 2016 of Oklahoma. The state itself officially recognized November to be the Hip-Hop month. In commemoration, Gregory Jerome and his team brought the city together and created the first ever official Hip-Hop Festival. It's been a year since it's initial launch and now many organizations have put in their support.

The ill Flow Odyssey

​ So I got the opportunity to be interviewed by the Odyssey. I've honestly haven't been interviewed much and its a lot more difficult than I expected. For some reason or another I find it tough to speak on my past. However I think it was a great interview though. I'll link the full interview below. Jordan was an amazing guy, he asked a lot of honest questions and you could tell he cared about everything he brought up. I have it occasionally, hookah is pretty dees. He expressed he had to stay true to his nature. He was concerned with demonstrating what was his life. “I can’t rap about something I haven’t experienced,” Flow said. We’re enjoying Bubbly’s delectable turkey, egg, and cheese crois

Classy and TYMLESS

Last Night was incredible! I want to thank Tymless for opening up their doors to us. I got one of their shirts! Guess who will be rocking some new gear?! <--------- The room was packed with love and people alike. @theferventroute also had a surprise last night which I won't spoil to the public. You'll just have to ask around.@igloopanda *cough* Thank you to all the wonderful faces who came to see us personally, I love you for that, and to all the people who seen me rock at Norman Music Festival earlier this year. Thank you also for coming out.

WOW! 20,000 Followers

I remember waaaaay back in February of this year. I had a specific goal in mind with my Facebook fan page. Get it. Off. The. Ground! With some decent planning with my good friend (MyTien Pham) who also happens to be an amazing graphic designer, I was able to launch a new campaign to help save my FB page. Back in January, I had only 374 followers on my page; which only increased by 5 over the past year. So imagine how happy I was initially when I broke my first 1k! Maaaan let me tell you I felt like I was on a roll, like I was finally moving in the right direction. Ever since that initial push, I've been gaining followers on average 2k a month. With the proper promotion and steady activity, I

GRPFLY endorsement

Getting my Grpfly endorsement had to have been the best start of this year. After bringing my Facebook fan page back from the dead, I was able to launch my newest song "Feeling Good" . With the help of my good friend who also happens to be an extraordinary graphics designer (MyTien Pham). I was able to start up my campaign and really put my music career into motion. I remember the first day I got the call from my good friend (Jim Conway) who is a fellow MC. He said "yo flow, how do you feel about grpfly clothing?" and I simply replied "i love it!". Soon after I got a call from Vernon (Founder Of GRPFLY clothing). We all decided to meet up and talk about the future of me being sponsored. I ca

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