GRPFLY endorsement

Getting my Grpfly endorsement had to have been the best start of this year. After bringing my Facebook fan page back from the dead, I was able to launch my newest song "Feeling Good" . With the help of my good friend who also happens to be an extraordinary graphics designer (MyTien Pham). I was able to start up my campaign and really put my music career into motion.

I remember the first day I got the call from my good friend (Jim Conway) who is a fellow MC. He said "yo flow, how do you feel about grpfly clothing?" and I simply replied "i love it!". Soon after I got a call from Vernon (Founder Of GRPFLY clothing). We all decided to meet up and talk about the future of me being sponsored. I can't lie I was truly excited especially having somewhat bad news prior to us meeting up. After having my first car for 7 years finally gave up on me. *sad face*. But nevertheless, here I am sitting with with Vernon and Conway eating burgers and talking about each others goals and achievements. Conway basically said "Vern, bro, flow already wears grpfly in all his pictures, thats already free promotion" and the rest has been history guys and gals.

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