The ill Flow Odyssey

So I got the opportunity to be interviewed by the Odyssey. I've honestly haven't been interviewed much and its a lot more difficult than I expected. For some reason or another I find it tough to speak on my past. However I think it was a great interview though. I'll link the full interview below. Jordan was an amazing guy, he asked a lot of honest questions and you could tell he cared about everything he brought up.

I have it occasionally, hookah is pretty dees.

He expressed he had to stay true to his nature. He was concerned with demonstrating what was his life.

“I can’t rap about something I haven’t experienced,” Flow said. We’re enjoying Bubbly’s delectable turkey, egg, and cheese croissants. We drifted to discussions aboutFlowmentality 1.

“I had a CD label maker. My had helped me. He’s a former MC,” Flow said. His father has had an enormous impact on Flow’s career.

“It sounds like the man was a good dad.” I said in half question mode.

“He supports me more than anybody. I get my lyrical capabilities from him. I get the drive, honesty, and passion too,” Flow said.

“He’s a former MC?” I asked.

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