WOW! 20,000 Followers

I remember waaaaay back in February of this year. I had a specific goal in mind with my Facebook fan page. Get it. Off. The. Ground! With some decent planning with my good friend (MyTien Pham) who also happens to be an amazing graphic designer, I was able to launch a new campaign to help save my FB page. Back in January, I had only 374 followers on my page; which only increased by 5 over the past year. So imagine how happy I was initially when I broke my first 1k! Maaaan let me tell you I felt like I was on a roll, like I was finally moving in the right direction.

Ever since that initial push, I've been gaining followers on average 2k a month. With the proper promotion and steady activity, I've been able to maintain these followers. I think most importantly I'm happy to my hard work pay off and to see my grinding hasn't been for nothing. I don't plan on slowing down by a long shot! My next big goal would be to hit 50k followers by the end of next year. If I'm able to pull that off I might attempt a backflip.

The truly awesome thing is that most of the new likes I'm getting are from overseas. So, that tells me that I have a growing awareness in a place I've never even visited, doing all the promotion on my own. This makes me proud and I'm happy to be able to share this experience to all my other fellow artist who don't believe they can be independent of a label. I wear my 20k with pride, because I know this is just the beginning of something great to come.

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